For the longest time, businesses and organizations used the internet to reach the widest possible audience. The digital space was very young back then, but it has since grown to form specific audiences with some crossover between age, interests, industries, geographic location, and more. Businesses are leveraging this data to make inroads and grow their customer base by unlocking the power of tailored content.

1. Look at who is coming to your site and how

High traffic means very little if you do not know who is coming to your website or how they got there. Where are they coming from? What search words led them to your business? What pages or products are people looking at the most? If they do not make a purchase, where are they going after they leave your site? A deep analysis of this data can give you a more defined picture of your average visitor, so you not only have an idea of your general audience, but also which additional audiences you might want to capture.

2. Create content that appeals to your customer base

If a good portion of your site traffic is coming from California, it is a wise idea to create content that ties your products and services with people in that state. Drilling down further, you should look at which cities in California are generating the most traffic. This can inform your marketing from social media to blog posts, banner ads, and even video to appeal to your audience.

3. Compare search rankings

Analyzing how people find your site, as well as the keywords you use in your content can give you some direction in your marketing strategy. How does your site rank for searches for your products and services compared to your competitors? Do you need to publish content with other keywords to improve your ranking? All of this data is crucial information for driving traffic and sales online.

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