Medical practices need accessible financing solutions to maintain and grow their businesses. Rarely do the needs of medical practices fall into a “one size fits all” loan. Fortunately, there are financing solutions designed specifically for the healthcare industry to cover specific needs.

Equipment Leasing Programs for Medical Practices

Medical practices need to stay at the technological forefront to increase efficiency while providing the best services to their patients. However, the upfront cost of equipment can be prohibitively high. Medical equipment leasing programs allow practices to get the specialized tools, machines, and diagnostics they need without placing a strain on finances. Additionally, leasing agreements allow medical practices to upgrade to the latest models as they become available.

Cash Flow Solutions

Cash flow issues are a headache for many medical practices. Patients and insurance carriers can take 30, 60, or even 90 days to provide payments. Medical factoring solves cash flow issues by turning unpaid invoices into cash and making the funds available within 24 hours. Medical practices can accelerate cash flow and build up capital at the same time.

Working Capital

There are two ways medical practices can get access to working capital The first is an unsecured line of credit, which provides a reliable source of working capital without requiring collateral. The second is a cash advance, which is a debt-free infusion of working capital that is repaid from a small percentage of credit card receipts.

Real Estate for Medical Practices

Whether you need to remodel your existing medical practice, or you need to expand into a larger space, there are real estate financing solutions for commercial property.

Medical Practice Mergers and Acquisitions

If you want to expand your practice through a merger or acquisition, Golden Century Lending can ensure a smooth and efficient transaction so there are no disruptions to your business.

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