If you have performed any Google searches or scrolled through social media, you have probably noticed the prevalence of videos. Currently, videos ranging from “how to” (explainer) clips to vlogging, to advertising are becoming the media of choice for people at home and on the go. As such, we are going to explore the advantages videos can give to your business.

1. Video marketing has been growing year-over-year

Currently 85% of online traffic is from videos, and that percentage is growing. As people make more purchases from laptops and personal devices, such as smartphones and tablets, video is quickly becoming the easiest way to reach audiences.

2. Videos help to grow your customer base

Videos are easier to consume when compared to white papers, long-form blog posts, and other more conventional digital marketing content. The added advantage is that videos are also easy for people to share or repost in their own social media and content feeds. A short video is more likely to be viewed by an audience, so it goes without saying that anyone who shares a video clip from a business is likely to result in new traffic and will reach new people.

3. Video production is affordable

Video production today is not like it was a few years ago, which involved scouting locations, recruiting voice actors, and more. These days, video production can be done in-house. Marketing departments and firms have been able to lower the cost of video production for businesses, while also leveraging SEO to ensure videos reach their targeted audiences via social media, blog posts, Google Ads, or any other digital platform.

4. Video offers variety

Videos are a great way to break up text in a blog post, and are easy to share on social media. Additionally, there are virtually no limits on the types of videos your business can use for marketing. Businesses have successfully used music videos, instructional videos, direct marketing videos and more to drive sales. What’s more, businesses are now creating videos for online employee training.

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