The world of commercial real estate offers a wide range of opportunities for a variety of property types. However, one of the more overlooked markets is for industrial properties. While industrial properties may not seem as glamorous as custom-built homes or luxury apartments, they offer a number of benefits to commercial real estate investors.

1. The revenue is often better than most residential rentals

Industrial properties are leased by other companies, ranging from research and development labs to businesses looking for extra storage. Commercial real estate investors can get a much higher price point on rent compared to residential space of the same square footage.

2. Little to no maintenance involved

The companies that rent industrial properties usually have their own cleaning crews. Additionally, tenants will also bring their own insurance policies to cover both themselves and the property. All utilities, build-outs, and maintenance will be taken care of by the tenants.

3. More consistent revenue

Residential properties are typically leased for years at a time. This provides property investors with consistent revenue without needing to worry about advertising for vacancies or experiencing gaps because there are no tenants. What’s more, industrial properties are always in demand, so it is easy to find tenants. Many commercial real estate investors divide their industrial properties for two or more tenants, depending on the square footage. This allows investors to multiply their revenue per property.

4. The big picture

The pandemic saw an increase in e-commerce, which moved many businesses to look for additional space to store products. Businesses have also been separating out research and development projects into small teams that also need space to work. Looking forward, industrial properties are going to be in-demand for a long time.

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