Many businesses are still hesitant to leverage social media in their marketing strategy. Or, if they do use it, they do not engage with their audience. Social media marketing is an extremely powerful tool that can help businesses drive traffic and increase sales.

Growing an Audience with Social Media

Beyond the “likes,” social media is a very effective way for businesses to grow their audiences. The first rule of social media is that it is not a one-way street. Businesses can engage with people to respond to inquiries, like their posts, or even start a conversation. Those engagements will show up in the feeds of the people following the people you are talking with, and they will start paying attention to your business. The effect can be far-reaching, and when they take a look at what you are posting, they will also start engaging, and will want to learn more about what your business offers, which can translate to sales.

Staying Relevant While Avoiding Pitfalls

Just like in the real world, not everything posted on social media requires a response or a reaction. Businesses can still remain professional when engaging with other people online. To stay relevant, retweet, share, like, or engage with posts by other thought leaders in your industry. If someone asks you a question, respond. If there is a trending topic that is in line with your company’s brand, use the associated hashtag and jump into the conversation. Steer clear of controversy, unless disruption is part of your brand identity. Making a misstep can cost followers and sales.

How Frequently Should Your Business Post on Social Media?

Some companies post multiple times per day, while others only post every week or so. Try to avoid leaning too heavily on the sales aspect when posting content to social media. Think more about gaining engagements, and the sales will follow. Social media is about having a relevant presence. The issue most business owners have is finding the time to create social media posts, follow up with other people, and engage online, while simultaneously trying to manage operations and grow the company.

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