Merchant Cash Advance

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Customize a Loan for Your Business With a Merchant Cash Advance

At Golden Century Lending, we take care of everything for our clients. Instead of requiring you to do the legwork or rely on guesswork, our financial experts help you choose the best loan possible. A popular solution for small businesses is our merchant cash advance program. These loans are tailored to the exact size and sales of your company, giving you the financing you need with excellent terms.

The Benefits of a Customized Merchant Cash Advance

To give your company MCA financing, we look at your average credit card sales. This allows us to calculate the ideal loan amount for your business. Here’s why that’s good for your company:

  • Preserves your cash flow
  • Provides plenty of financing for your goals
  • Makes it easy for you to repay the loan
  • Reduces the impact of payments on your monthly profits

Instead of giving your business a run-of-the-mill loan, we extend a merchant cash advance that feels comfortable.

Merchant Cash Advance

We provide large loan amounts that can accommodate equipment upgrades, real estate expansion, vehicle purchases, emergency financing and other needs. At the same time, we ensure you have enough profits each month to reinvest in other aspects of business health, such as marketing and payroll.

To learn more about MCA financing, or to apply, contact our team right away.

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