Property flippers have been finding new and innovative ways to sell homes since the pandemic started. Even now, people are relocating and buying new houses, so having a way to experience properties remotely makes a big difference.

What are 3D Virtual Tours?

While 3D virtual tours have existed in one form or another since the 1990s, the technology and internet connection speeds didn’t catch up to the concept until recently. If you have ever used the “Street View” on Google Maps, it is a 3D virtual tour of your location, but outdoors. In the case of 3D virtual tours for homes, property flippers are using them to take people room-by-room through homes, with clickable details to show off appliances, fixtures, and other selling points.

House Flipping on a Whole New Level

Some property flippers are taking the entire process to a whole new level with 3D virtual tours. They will create a virtual tour of the property as it was when it was purchased, and then create a separate tour after renovations are completed, supplemented by photos and videos while construction and rehab was taking place. They then use both to show prospective homeowners the changes they made while still preserving the original charm. Other property flippers will incorporate overhead maps in their virtual tours to show homeowners commuting routes, school districts, and other important information to help them make a decision.

Property Flippers and Digital Marketing

Property flippers have been early adopters of digital marketing strategies to build relationships with property sellers as well as prospective home buyers. From websites to social media, videos, and 3D virtual tours, property flippers have been at the forefront of building their own brands, making more sales, and meeting the demands of an audience eager to buy new homes.

Learn More about 3D Virtual Tours

Golden Century Lending provides both fix and flip financing solutions, as well as digital marketing strategies to property flippers throughout the United States. To learn more about how our 3D virtual tours can give your fix and flip projects a competitive edge, contact Golden Century Lending today.