Many small businesses overlook the benefits of e-mail as part of their overall digital marketing strategy. E-mail marketing is direct, affordable, and is a key component to driving traffic and sales.

E-mail Marketing is Versatile

E-mail has evolved a lot from the simple text it was a decade ago. These days, e-mail marketing contains images, videos, and can be integrated with your blog or social media to increase traffic. E-mail newsletters are a great way to keep people informed about products, sales, and events.

Low Cost to Small Businesses

Of all the digital marketing methods, e-mail has the lowest cost and the greatest return on investment. More people open e-mails and click links to visit sites and social media pages than through conventional marketing.

A Great Way to Get Data

When your business sends out an e-mail, you can get info simply by running reports on if people opened the email and if they clicked on any of the links. E-mail acts as a gateway to get people to your site, where the traffic will provide even more detailed information, which you can use for highly targeted e-mails in the future, tailored to the actions of your recipients.

Building Lists and Growing Your Audience

If you have a simple form or require customers to create accounts, you can build a list of recipients for future e-mail marketing campaigns. This allows you to grow your audience, even from one-off sales, to convert those individuals into returning customers.

Build Brand Recognition and Credibility

By providing engaging and creative content in your e-mails, you can build brand recognition. However, you should also include a check box or a link for people to opt out of future e-mail marketing campaigns. It may seem like this will lose audience members, but in most cases, that little formality will demonstrate that your brand is professional and trustworthy.

Learn More about E-mail Marketing

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